mallabee is an amazing FREE dropshipping monitor and we will try to explain why.

The most important feature of a monitor is of course - MONITORING - But not only.

If you will take a look at the monitors on the market and start actually using them you will notice something interesting - almost anything you do use them is less effective and within the time you will start feeling that you are being SLOWED down, as a business.

Lately, I’ve been trying to use a couple of monitors and they all fell down in what I consider the most important - USER EXPERIENCE.

While having a lot of features is great by itself - they are wrong with throwing away trying to give you more features and not to provide a quality of service, which makes you feel they just want your money.

The interesting thing is that mallabee is very social & customer centric for new eCommerce stores and users.

Probably you saw that when you are requested to set up your store on a monitor you are required to add a "Break-even Percentage".

This break-even percentage is based on you - the user, but the problem here is that new users will go and ask - what is the value that I'm supposed to put in here?

They will then need to go and read all over the internet what it is, calculate it or just put a "general idealized" value.

Which means that the user doesn't have an idea of how much EXACTLY he is going to profit. Instead, mallabee is requiring you to put your exact outcomes and see the EXACT PROFIT that you will gain from a sale.

Here’s an example of from my settings page:

Another point for mallabee is for orders.

Customer validation is important - when a user is buying an item from you, you want to make sure for 100% that this user is valid, that their shipping address is correct and all of that must be before you make the shipping in order to prevent future problems mallabee makes sure of that for you, within the order itself you can view the actual address.

Responsiveness - While stating of being "mobile responsive", our competitors are just no-where near that - mallabee on the other has the mindset of - everything must work - everywhere.

mallabee currently provides the needed and important features you need to start working:

- Publish / Lister - Save Time using a title builder & optimizations suggestions, competitors analysis, image editor, SEO & mobile optimized templates.

- Inventory management which is Dropshipping oriented and allows you to manage a dropshipping eCommerce business with an automated price & quantity monitoring. It also allows you to easily manage your stocks and toggle & remove unsuccessful listings.

- Order management - a back panel that provides ease-of-use, validation of actual user information, and interaction based on the data. See a map of your customer location, easily copy and paste your customer address into your product sourcing website to start the shipping process.

It's the Little Details

That makes big things happen.

Except for mallabee being FULLY mobile responsive (which means that you can work on your way - while taking a bus on the road to work and in general while not at home) - the technology behind mallabee also make sure that you will be able to be productive as much as possible.

mallabee uses a technology that is called Single Page Application (SPA) - which means that pages can take zero to no time to load - which in turn - will raise your productiveness.

While watching our users' sessions we make sure that users the interaction of the user with our platform is flawless and they don't need to hassle around a lot to get the results that they are expecting.

Customers, Customers, Customers!

While other competitors tend to have more features, they don't keep a straight quality. At mallabee instead of creating a massive amount of "half-baked" features - we keep the set of features small, stabilize the feature set until we have no bugs and the customer experience is as requested.

We take every customer needs into considerations and make the current skills/components as best as possible.

Our back panel toolchain allows us to watch customer sessions and follow their full usage of the platform, report bugs immediately via multiple channels.

All of the above give us informative decision-making ability that allows us to support our current users better and enrich them with valuable content and experience.

We prefer having a small number of businesses registered with us, that have their stores connected. Keeping the number of users small and growing gradually will be the fact that define and keep us apart from the competition on the market.

Enjoy a Painless Dropshipping Solution.

Some images of mallabee for people who would like to know how the system looks like:

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