Unusual gifts are most certainly the best kind of gifts. The brilliant feeling that comes when you open a present and it turns out to be something a little weird, yet quite wonderful and amazing, is a feeling to treasure. Whether it be on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, this season is the perfect time to treat someone you love to that same great feeling, and this list comprises some of the best and coolest presents to get your family and friends of all ages.

Vegan Candy Food Snacks

These delicious and tasty candies are just right for people who have dairy sensitivities or are simply vegan, looking for delicious, yet healthy treats. They are made with coconut oil in place of butter and coconut milk in place of cream. Totally gluten-free with no GMO ingredients added, these bars are fully vegan, even with their chewy and chocolate-flavored deliciousness. Speak of a perfect and strange gift, that’s totally lovable.

Pet Snack Launcher

For owners who love to play with their dogs, cats and other pets, this gift is just right. The launcher can send snack treats for up to 10 feet without using batteries, which means there is unlimited pet-play time. This launcher is very easy to use and totally fun for pet owners.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

This mug is quite the addition to a normal kitchen. Without any complicated instructions or stress, all it takes is for them to pour in their coffee and push a button, and it stirs away. This will be a much more appreciated present for the elderly who would appreciate saving a little strength from having to manually stir their liquids. But it’s also perfect for young as well – when they want to be lazy.

Funny Minions Socks

This entails a wide range of styles and formats all with the same idea. Minion socks, casual socks, customized socks – they all give off the same idea and they are all quite fun. These will be low-key, but fun and unusual presents for all ages, but they are likely to be more appreciated by the fun-loving teenagers.

Soft-Tones Pillow Stereo

Now, this is an unusual present to give that is super effective and sweet. It would allow the user to go to sleep while listening to their favorite songs, sounds or audiobooks. The soft-tones pillow stereo is amazing in that it does not disturb your bed mate when it is in use, as it curves around your head smoothly when placed on your favorite pillow. It is machine-washable and does not use a battery pack. It can equally be used to play music for the entire surrounding, not only just for personal use. The therapeutic ability of sounds and music can induce sleep, and that is something most people try but fail to achieve with over-the-top speakers for the nighttime. That is what makes this product truly amazing as it can solve the unnoticed need of a person.

Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

This simply redefines, by a large mile, what a bag is supposed to be used for or what it is supposed to look like. The features of this bag are ample, making it quite a surprise. First off, it boasts a slip-proof, water-resistant exterior with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) pocket to keep your wallet, as well as several secret pockets around the bag for ease of access to the materials you would like to put there. The interior is also quite amazing as it is padded to safeguard and fit your device, up to a 15.6-inch laptop, and still have space for a tablet, headphones and other accessories. Another cool feature is its built-in, external USB port. The design of the bag is also a marvel, as it was strategically created to keep the weight distributed, among other things, all to relieve the stress and keep your shoulders or neck from hurting. It is TSA approved, which allows it to pass through security check-ins with ease. It really is quite amazing how many features can be fitted in such a simple-looking, portable bag. It is sure to be a very pleasant and unusual surprise.

Seamless 3D Moon Lamp

This is one of the coolest, warmest and most romantic presents you can give to your loved ones this holiday season. This LED night-light has been created to give the impression of a person truly holding the moon, with its moon-look-alike texture and amazing dual color light. It is an awesome blend of creativity and similarity that makes a perfect and ideal decoration piece for any dining table, patio or bedroom. The light can also be dimmed and brightened to suit the atmosphere or environment. This is a gift perfect for children and adults alike.

The Nuraphone

These wireless Bluetooth headphones are not like the casual headphones, they are weird and quite mind-boggling. First off, you should know that we all hear differently. When the ear hears a sound or tone, the ear responds with little sounds, called Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), that the Nuraphone records and analyses to create a hearing profile which is simply what sounds your ears are sensitive to or not, all within a minute. The Nuraphone, using a set of very sensitive microphones, detects and stores the OAE to play your music and audios to suit your specific hearing profile. You can also store up to three profiles at any one time of use. This amazing tech is quite a gift especially for a teenager or young adult. Music is special to everyone, so the Nuraphone will speak volumes for sure.

Each of these products, ranging from snacks to technology, are all sure to add that element of surprise and joy to all those that receive them, this holiday season. Most importantly, these products are all readily available at affordable prices with prompt delivery at Amazon.com.