The self-development world is going crazy right now. We are all moving into an era in which we are encouraged to take care of our minds and our bodies; and with the new year coming up, never has there been a better time to invest in ourselves.

Re-usable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We all know that water, and hydration plays a very big part in our health and well-being. In fact, just a 5% reduction in hydration levels can shorten down our performances by up to 25%. Plus a big trend we will start to see in 2019 is the need to reduce the waste we produce, shorten down on plastic usage and to re-use as much as we can. These incredible looking water bottles, available in an array of colors and sizes are proving to be very popular and come with a very high demand. Plus, are suitable for use for both cold water drinks and hot water drinks, so can work well for not only water but coffee and teas too.

Foam Rollers

No matter what our activity levels are, we all need a massage and deep muscle relief from time to time. It helps with blood flow, recovery levels and also eases tension. Foam rollers are growing in popularity and are ideal for athletes of any level, and any person who is looking to take part in any form of exercise. It is a proven fact that foam rollers can assist physical performance and to keep people feeling fit and healthy.

Food Preparation Containers

Nutrition is key to maintain a good and balanced healthy lifestyle, however trying to maintain a good diet whilst traveling or working is a tough ask. These containers are reusable, dishwasher friendly and make for a great way for the user to prepare meals in advance. Your customers will be able to put these tubs to good use and take photos of their ‘food prep’ for their social media channels.

Air Purifiers

The air around us is full of allergens, dust, smoke particles and other articles that can harm our lungs and our whole respiratory systems. Using a high performing air filter helps to clean the air of all of these things and allows the user to clean fresh and clean air! Thus, ensuring you get a good dose of oxygen no matter how far away from the window your desk is.

Standing Desk - Height Adjustable

It is believed that people sitting down all day can do harm to their health in numerous ways; from poor posture, poor blood circulation and weakened muscles. This is why so many desk workers are now opting for standing up desks to be able to use their machines whilst not having to be stuck on a chair for hours on end! This desk, in particular, allows the user to customize the height so that they can spend some time sitting down, and sometimes standing up too. Standing desks also come with a high revenue so make for a great option for drop-shipping.

Posture Corrector For Men and Women

Suffering from back or neck pain? Feeling tired of always hunching over? Posture correctors are the next big thing emerging on the market. Wearable under clothes, these incredible products can help a person to stop hunching over and can also help to correct any muscular imbalances the body may have.

Organic Toothpaste

Our smiles are one of the biggest and most noticeable features on our face; and also one of the best features to leave a lasting impression. That is why so many people desire to have white shiny teeth. However, as the market moves people are starting to want to source more organic toothpastes that do not contain many chemicals and are less harmful to the body. These toothpastes offer the user the chance to clean their teeth, whiten them and to do so in an all natural way.

Shower Head Filter Mineral Balls

There is no shaking from the fact that the water we drink and flows from our taps contains a whole host of chemicals and other toxins. If we continue to wash with this water then our skin and bodies and feel the adverse effects of these. With these filter balls you can not only take away these chemicals and toxins and stop them from harming us, but you can also charge your skin with the right molecules to relieve fatigue and promote metabolism.

Tap Water Filter

Following on from our ideas for shower head filters, the need for a tap water feature should have no need for introduction. These incredible tap water filters can help to rid the water we drink of all those nasty chemicals and toxins and to help you ensure that the water you take in is of the highest of quality.

Resistance Bands

Working out from home is something that everyone sets out to achieve, however, equipment is normally expensive, clunky and takes up an awful amount of space. This set of resistance bands does not take up any space whatsoever, and comes in a whole array of strengths so is accessible for any person wanting to take part in an exercise. From beginner to expert, these bands can be integrated into any persons lifestyle and enhance their workouts for an absolutely budget price!