Flowers are blooming, Christmas is coming and smarty kids are expecting more exciting gifts. We are living in 21st century where technology has taken over almost every aspect of the life.  We have enlisted best of the best Christmas gadgets for your kids that are under $100. There you go:

Holy Stone HS200D FPV RC Drone Camera With Wide Angle

Kids love technological gifts, so what could have been better than a drone camera that is cheap and exciting at the same time? It has many features that make it a suitable gift for your child. Some of the features are listed below:

  • It has 120 degrees wide angle.
  • It can record up to 720p HD videos.
  • Easy to use. Your kids will not need to have an adult’s supervision to fly it.
  • There is an altitude holder with its remote. Your smarty pie can hover it over a certain controlled height without damaging or losing it.

ANBERNIC Handheld Game Console

Who doesn’t love games? Maybe you don’t but your kids do. You can present this gaming console to your kids and they will surely be excited to play new games on it. Following are some of its best features:

  • There are total of 3000 games in this console and all of them are different, which means no game has been repeated to fill the number.
  • The Primary language of this gaming console can be switched to a different one from 26 supported languages.
  • It is not just a gaming console but can also be used as an mp5, recorder or a camera.
  • Supported game types are NEOGEO, CPS, GG, and SEGA.

RC Car, Red Beyond RC Vehicle

Kids love remote control Cars. This red Beyond RC vehicle is a mud monster. It is in range, cheap electronic toy that has been equipped with many exciting features that your kid is going to love. This jeep could be controlled using a remote control that you will get along with this product. Following are its technical features:

  • It has been equipped with shock absorbers which means that this jeep could be driven on rough muddy tracks. Not only this but they also protect internal electronic components.
  • It is a 4x4 vehicle which indicates its power and speed.
  • High-quality tires make it anti-slippery.

Kids Walkie Talkie – 3 Miles Long Range

Kids love gadgets like wireless sets, mobile phones or walkie-talkies. Of course, you would never like to gift mobile phones to your kids (as mobile phones tend to make their users lazy), so why not a walkie-talkies? It has got more than 2 Miles of range and can transmit signals without interruptions.

  • You can gift this precious walkie-talkies to your kids and it will prevent them from using excessive mobiles phones. As you know, mobile phones affect both vision and physical activities of kids.
  • Biggest edge that you and your kid will have with this walkie talkie is safety. You can even use this gadget to keep in touch with your kid, especially when he is out.

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

A smart watch for your smart kid, it will be a nice combination. It will not only make your children punctual but also give them many more exciting features. It’s is a wristwatch that has got motion sensors in it. Which means you can play games that work on a motion basis.

  • There are two cameras. One camera is there to take your selfies while another one is supposed to capture videos for you.
  • It has both digital and analog time system in it. You can always switch from digital to analog or analog to digital system, depending on the ease of your kid.
  • A monster detector game is included. This game is played using its watch’s motion sensor cameras and your kid can find a monster in the real world.

Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse

Children love playing computer games. A mouse is considered as gaming backbone, a better mouse will enhance the gaming experience. You kid is definitely going to love this Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse.

  • You can adjust its sensitivity, buttons and even weight.
  • All the buttons are easily programmable. You can set button functionalities as per your gaming style.
  • It weighs 3.0g which is light enough for a gamer.
  • It has got RGB lights that are programmable too.
  • Has overall 11 different buttons and each button can perform a different functionality.

Infunbebe Rock n Roll Electric Guitar For Kids

If your kid loves music then why not gift him a music icon gadget? You can buy this toy guitar for your kid and he is definitely going to love it. Your kid is definitely going to love it. It simulates the original experience of a guitarist. Following are its qualities:

  • This toy guitar was made out of original ABS material.
  • It has 5 built-in melodies that your kid can listen and enjoy the real simulation.
  • Its fluctuating strings produce different exciting sounds for your kid.
  • You can buy this product even if you have an infant at home.
  • Its buttons are large enough for your kids to play music on it.

Disney Minnie Plane

This Minnie plane is best for your infant kids. This toy plane is the best suit for infant kids. It has led lights in it and cartoon characters pasted on the plane body. Its wheels are realistic and rotatable. Following are some of its best features:

  • It has got a propeller that not only rotates but also lightens up the LED lights and when propeller fan is rotated in the opposite direction, different colored LED lights are lightened.
  • It can turn at 360-degree angles because its smaller wheel is fully rotatable.
  • Upon pressing its buttons, you will hear plane landing and takeoff sounds.
  • Has a honking horn.

VTech Stencil and Learn Studio

VTech is a creative drawing board that has got five different fun features. Your kids can use it to learn new things, for example: alphabets, words combination, drawing and a lot more. It is an electronic gadget that could be used safely without getting in to mess of colors.

  • It has got a 36 letter template, one numerical template, and a shape template.
  • This learn studio has also got some designing tools that could be used to draw new exciting things.
  • Your kid can easily carry it anywhere even if he/she is on a trip, camping or a school.
  • It has a magnetic pen that is used to write or draw on the screen.

Remote Control realistic snake

Your kid is really going to have fun with this electronic remote control snake. It is a battery supported snake that could be charged. This electronic toy simulates a king cobra (king of all snakes). Following are its technical features:

  • King Cobra snake can be recharged using a USB cable charger.
  • Its movement frequency can be controlled with an egg like a charger.
  • Length of this toy snake is 8cm.
  • It can move fast like a real snake and no one can detect if it is simulation snake on first sight.